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One of our main goals in Steach is to earn extra income for you in a new productive way

Story of Steach

We can start the story of Steach from 1996 with our own entry into providing education and book publishing. The collection of three masters books, the publication of more than 150 titles of Mashq-e-Honar with the participation of Qalam Chi, the establishment of Saba's Payam Consultants School, Art Atelier and Khesht architecture institute, the establishment of Nasir Educational Complex, the establishment of Bashir Scientific School and the establishment of Iziraan Language School-East Tehran branch, were among the activities that brought us closer to you. The Internet changed the world and we changed too. Now in Steach we have formed a bigger family. We in the Steach educational system, continuing our experience of a quarter of a century in teaching various skills, want to make the teaching methods between you and your students in a simpler and sweeter way.

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Steach is ready to serve all Persian speakers in the world.

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Every financial transaction in your account can be recorded and reviewed.

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Online classes, recorded content, conferences and online tests are both financially beneficial and complement the learning process.


Everything in the field of technical and artistic skills you want, you will find it in Steach.

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