Teacher and student are the first words we learn at school. And we have made these two sacred words the motto of our work.

The National Institute for Development of Educational and Technological of Narenj, with the brand name of Steach, officially started its activities in mid-2020, focusing on the development of digital-based education. This group began similar activities in 1996, with the preparation and distribution of classified entrance exams, content creation, and the printing of 9 books under the title of 'Three Masters' books'. In 2000, the Khesht Institute was established with the aim of teaching, consulting, and preparing for the entrance exam in the fields of architecture and art. More than 200 book titles were prepared in collaboration with the Qalamchi Cultural and Educational Center, under the commercial name 'Mashq-e-Honar', and were offered to the market. The experience of running a school with the establishment of Nasir Tehran High School is in our operational records.

Steach Through the Years

500کلاس خصوصی1.5 Thousand hours of content850 Held Classes600 Sold Content

Our Vision

Steach is determined to create the largest comprehensive education center for Farsi speakers in the world by following the principles of customer orientation on the internet.

Our Values

Steach is a blessing and happiness for all beneficiaries based on the following principles:
Innovation and cultivation of ideas
Enthusiasm for progress
Synergy and thinking in a consultative environment
Bringing wealth for beneficiaries

Our Mission

In order to develop entrepreneurship in the country, Steach has provided a platform where any person as a teacher can share his/her skills and knowledge in the form of video content in the system or provide his/her experiences to users in the form of online classes. It should be noted that the produced content must be according to the content production tables and Steach standards, and will be uploaded on the site after the quality control unit approval. Steach is trying to publish these contents simple and at a reasonable price for all people with any budget, any place and any time. Two approaches are followed seriously in Steach. First, in order to sell more products, Steach has made appropriate advertisements in the country's prestigious advertising channels to attract users, and secondly, this system will form a partnership contract with the teacher so that they can benefit financially from the sale of each product for an unlimited period of time. Another important point is that the cost of each content and each class is priced by the teacher himself, and the schedule of the class can be adjusted according to the teacher's wishes.Indeed, those people who have skills but are unable to produce content can use Steach studio to record their content.